We are revolutionising talent sourcing with a comprehensive approach that values both skillset and culture fit at every organisational level.


We believe in finding more than skill.

Taino3 believes in finding more than skills.

It’s about aligning values. By prioritising the culture fit alongside skills required, we can instil a loyalty and commitment from day one, driving success together.

We know that the right people in your business will reduce turnover and increase productivty.

So how can we do this?

Our core principles are based around us having a….

Seamless Collaboration

You’ll experience a seamless and enjoyable relationship throughout the recruitment process. As a boutique firm, we ensure effective communication and never over-commit, allowing us to deliver the best possible results. 

Transparent Processes 

You will benefit from an open and honest dialogue at every stage. Using secure digital tools, we provide clear and transparent processes, giving you access to longlists and crucial data to make informed decisions.

Trusted Partnership

Benefit from our commitment to confidentiality; if necessary, we can conduct discreet searches, building trust throughout the process.

Unwavering Dedication

We deliver a committed service until successful completion. We ensure alignment of skillset and cultural fit, maintaining high standards and dedication to drive long-term success for your business.

Brand Advocacy

Your brand is represented with care and authenticity. We conduct recruitment under your brand, leveraging its power to attract talent aligned with your principles and values, fostering genuine relationships with potential candidates.

Track Record

At Taino3, we have a proven track record of success across diverse industries and regions. Our global view, combined with a fresh approach and independent perspective, ensures each and every role is uniquely matched with the perfect candidate. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your specific needs and deliver exceptional talent that aligns with your organisational culture and values.

Our clients

We are industry agnostic, providing deep expertise across a wide range of markets. From mechanical engineering to consumer travel platforms, from renewable energy to asset management – our broad experience allows us to add significant value to your deep industry expertise. This comprehensive 360° perspective enables us to ask the difficult questions and examine every angle, ensuring we deliver the best possible talent solutions for your business.

Being agnostic means we have no restrictions in your markets on where we can hunt for the best talent.

How we do it?

Research: We dive deep into understanding your business needs and culture, ensuring we identify candidates who empathise and relate to who you are, enabling us to better identify people who align with your values and aspirations.
Recruit: Through a meticulous process, prioritising skillset, experience, and cultural fit, we engage and screen select people who are qualified and will be the perfect match for you to consider for your team and business.
Role: We aim to understand how this role will contribute to your business success. This lets us align with your ambitions and philosophy, effectively representing them to the market. Candidates will be thoroughly evaluated and prepared to excel, driving productivity and long-term success.
Review: Our approach of securely sharing data and insights from what we uncover during our search means you remain informed, involved, and able to make decisions that benefit your business, throughout the process.

About Us

Over my recruitment career I have had the benefit of working for a search agency in a time before LinkedIn, being part of global in-house teams delivering across functions and as a consultant working to enhance Talent Acquisition operations through better tools, smoother processes and better employer brand.
What I have learned through this journey is that my passions lie equally with working with companies where I have a shared vision and set of values and then connecting with people on their trajectory at the right time and finding that next challenge.

I started life as a chef and spent early years providing a service in the hospitality industry so it isn’t too far a leap to delivering a recruitment service. 
Cooking is still a really important part of me and where the Taino3 name comes from. The Taino people from the southern Caribbean are attributed to developing what we now call BBQ and the 3 aspect relates to my view there are and should always be 3 people involved in all aspects of decision making.

I have developed Taino3 to play to my strengths and beliefs that have a foundation in integrity, openness and a belief that the right individual with the appropriate skills and fit is available for ANY role, it’s just a questions of looking hard enough.
Please visit my LI profile for more details on my career should you wish or just give me a call and lets chat.